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Date: 20th September 2016
Pure Steam Generator
Pure steam generatorTypical applications?Purified water distribution system,Website:, heat exchanger, cooling heat exchanger, heat exchanger.njection water distribution system heating and heat exchanger, cooling and heat exchanger.Water point heat exchanger for purifying water and injection water.Material temperature control heat exchanger.Design features.Conform to the BPE AsME health structure design standards.Meet GMP requirements.Pipe minimum discharge.No dead ends.Multi lead.The shell side of the expansion joints to prevent large temperature difference caused by the heat exchanger rupture.Design of double tubesheet expanded to prevent excessive temperature difference in the leakage of Gao Jie net material pollution heat exchanger.Pressure bearing capacity Gao Shi used for high pressure operation.Manufacturing characteristicsMore than a decade of heat exchanger, multi effect distilled water machine manufacturing experience.According to the requirements of users, the traditional strength expansion and hydraulic expansion two ways.?Do the best technology possible to achieve automatic welding.?Making U tube with special equipment to ensure the least non controlled deformation of the pipe.?Surface roughness can be from Ra0.8 to Ra0.3.?Strict quality control procedures.?X - ray nondestructive testing.?Hydraulic test and test.?Mechanical polishing and electrochemical polishing passivation.?Surface roughness detection.?File to meet the requirements of GMp certification.?Perfect ex factory acceptance test.Straight tube heat exchanger?Found leaks can be removed to detect the flange.?No bending of tube bundle.?Multi lead design.?Full evacuation design.Production capacity?Standard equipment model table shows the production capacity of equipment in the case of pure steam pressure for 3bar, industrial steam for 6bar, unit is kg / h. If you want to obtain the actual production capacity of a certain type of equipment, it must be based on the actual working pressure, in the calibration of the production capacity of a conversion factor.Model selection example?? Industrial steam pressure?7bar? pure steam pressure needed?2bar? The highest demand of pure steam?500kg/h? Conversion coefficient:1.7? Specified output needs:500/1.7=294kg/h? Model selected:PSG 300 DTSpublic work demand?? Industrial saturated steam without impurities and corrosive materials,the maximun pressure is 9 bar? The water for injection is required to be the deionized water without sillica,chlorine,amine and volatile substance,etc.The pressure required is 1-2bar? Power supply standards:according to the clients'requirements.? Dry,oil-free and clean compressed air,the minimum pressure required is 6 barTechnical parameters of Clean Steam GeneratorIntel pressure of industrial steam is 0.3MPa and the purse steam working pressure is 0.2Mpa
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