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Date: 28th October 2016
Pure Water Equipment
Pure water equipmentSimple is the production of pure water equipment. And the pure water is widely used in our life: drinking, chemical, medical, culture, cultivation, food, beverage, etc.?1?he reverse osmosis is a physical method with no phase transition at room temperature. The desalination rate of ultrathin composite membrane element can reach above 99.5%, and can also remove colloid, organic matter, bacteria, virus and so on. ?2?Reverse osmosis membrane, high desalination rate, long service life, low running cost; ?3?Automatic pretreatment system is adopted to realize unmanned operation.? ?4?Imported Grundfos booster pump, high efficiency and low noise, stable and reliable; ?5?Online water quality monitoring and control, real-time monitoring of water quality change, to ensure the safety of water quality; ?6?Automatic control procedures, can also be optional touch screen operation, easy to use; ?7?To meet the local water quality of the personalized design, to meet the needs of all. ?8?Equipment covers an area of small, the need for space is small. ?9?High degree of automation, operation and maintenance and equipment maintenance workload is very little. ?10?Water treatment depends only on water pressure as a driving force, and its energy consumption is the lowest in many treatment processes.. ?11?ithout a large number of chemicals and acid, alkali regeneration treatment, no chemical liquid discharge, no environmental pollution. ?12?Reverse osmosis can run continuously to make water, the system is simple, the operation is convenient, the product water quality is stable.technological process Raw water, raw water pressure pump, multi media filter, activated carbon filter, water softener, precision filter, a reverse osmosis, pH adjustment, intermediate water tank, the secondary reverse osmosis, pure water tank, water pump, porous filters, water. Pretreatment system As the production of pure water is very important to rely on. So to produce pure water must be to choose a better place for raw water quality. Such as spring, deep well. Here is a very important index is the conductivity". Generally the electrical conductivity, the lower the. The more pure water. Water treatment technology is the use of reverse osmosis system. After treated water can generally reach 90% - 99% of the desalination rate. Let me introduce the components of this system. ?1?Raw water pump. he raw water pump is the function of supplying the raw water pressure to the raw water pretreatment system. If there is pressure on the raw water can not use this equipment. General requirements for raw water pressure >=0.3MPa. ?2)Raw water tank. The role of the original water tank is more simple, it is used for storage of raw water. This is afraid of water in case of a transfer (usually add a floating ball switch is a higher degree of automation of the whole system). ?3?The quartz sand filter material is adopted to remove the suspended matter, sediment, impurities, etc. in the raw water, so as to reduce the turbidity of the water. But also the organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc. along with the reduction of turbidity and a lot of removal, and to create a good condition after the filter disinfection. ?4?Effectively adsorb organic matter in raw water by activated carbon adsorption capacity, free chlorine, colloid, particles, microorganisms, some metal ions and decoloring. ?5?Softening system (dosing system). The ion resin exchange capacity, to remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water, to prevent subsequent equipment node scale effect, but the operation is labor, material fee. Instead of dosing system directly to add inhibitor. Mainly solve the following problems ?1?Prevent organic pollution; ?2?Preventing the clogging of colloidal particles and suspended solid particles; ?3?To prevent oxidative damage to the membrane, which can ensure the stable operation of the reverse osmosis device and the normal service life. ?4)To prevent the reverse osmosis membrane fouling CaCO3, CaSO4, SrSO4, CaF2, SiO2, iron, aluminum oxide, and so on in the membrane surface deposition. Counter-infiltration system he successful application of reverse osmosis technology in pure water equipment provides a good development space for our country's drinking water. Implementation of reverse osmosis technology to complete the need for multiple systems technology to achieve. (1)Treated water Pretreatment system for the treatment of water to make a simple water filtration. Is to be treated water to the greatest degree of proximity to the reverse osmosis technology for water quality requirements. In the treatment of water, if not pretreatment, then in the reverse osmosis process, will be due to some magazines or high strength row rot easily damaged and blocking the reverse osmosis membrane. (2)Pretreatment system Treated water can be sewage, tap water, river water, groundwater and other water sources. We usually use tap water and groundwater as the treated water to reverse osmosis treatment, the water quality is relatively emotional, the degree of pollution is low, the processing efficiency is fast. (3)High pressure water pump The whole reverse osmosis water treatment process, need a certain pressure. High pressure water pump through the entire water treatment system to provide pressure to ensure that the speed and water requirements in the water through the membrane. High pressure pump must be used special stainless steel corrosion resistant pump, because water treatment solution containing acid substances occur corrosion phenomenon, if the weak ability to resist corrosion, corrosion, will cause water so polluted. (4)intelligent control system he new reverse osmosis equipment will be equipped with a dedicated PLC intelligent control system. Through the intelligent detection system of thermometer, pressure gauge and instrument panel data changes. Through computer control, equipped with analog screen. Can control the normal operation of the whole set of reverse osmosis equipment. According to the need of water treatment, the water can be set according to the operation condition of the equipment.. (5)Seal water tank Reverse osmosis equipment to complete the water treatment, to be completed by the professional water tank for the collection of water treatment. Water tank to be clean, anti-corrosion, to avoid pollution of water.
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