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Date: 9th September 2016
Water Purification Equipment
Purified water equipment?Ro system Scope of application? Electronics,Website:, medicine, food and other industrial pure water; textile, chemical water purification and preparation; food and drink water, brewing process water purification and preparation; industrial production in aqueous solution was concentrated and recovery of useful substances; for high pressure boiler feed water in power plants and other enterprises pre desalination; desalination of brackish water and seawater desalination; as the production of high purity water level of salt removal equipment.Ro+EDI systemEDI device belongs to pure water treatment system, general and reverse osmosis (RO) used in conjunction, pretreatment, reverse osmosis, EDi device of ultra pure water processing system, replacing the traditional water treatment process of mixed ion exchange equipment. EDI device inlet requirements for the resistivity of.Cm 0.025-0.5M, reverse osmosis device can meet the requirements. EDI device can produce resistivity as high as 15M,.Cm, above the ultra pure water.?Hot water disinfection purification water system?Pure water equipment requirements: ?Around in the water quality conforms to the Chinese pharmacopoeia standards and rules; ?Equipment for fully automatic operation and conditional automatic processing program (such as back flush, regeneration, pickling, disinfection procedures).? ?Monomer and pipeline equipment in line with the GMP requirements (such as the back-end processing equipment, membrane filter, the terminal water tank, piping are used 316L material, pretreatment equipment, the pipeline using SUS304 material).Pure water equipment requirements:??Electrical conductivity?0.5?S/cm ?TOC?200ppb? ?Microorganism?20cfu/ml.Second class RO+EDI purified water system flow chartPure water equipment requirements: ?Electrical conductivity?0.5?S/cm ?TOC?200ppb? ?Microorganism?20cfu/ml.
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